Service Exportes Have Been Awarded


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) rewarded the top service exporters of Turkey.

Winners have been announced for the research determining the top 500 service exporters of Turkey under the coordination of TIM. Çalık Holding subsidiary GAP İnşaat, known for its global achievements, once again ranked in top 5 in this year’s “Turkey’s Top 500 Service Exporters” award ceremony organized by the Turkish Exporters Assembly with the support of the Ministry of Trade.

Undertaking contracted works as a strong company in its region and progressing with the vision of becoming a global company, GAP İnşaat ranked 5th in the general list and came first in the “Construction and Contracting” category.

Providing services in a wide geography covering Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Balkans, Çalık Enerji ranked 5th in the “Construction and Contracting” category and both confirmed its global success and continued with its significant contributions for the export of Turkey.

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