ALBtelecom and Lifecell to Launch Innovative Digital Services


Most innovative digital services will be offered to Albanian customers through strategic collaboration between Calik Holding and Turkcell.

ALBtelecom has launched new revolutionary digital services that provide customers an unprecedented digital experience and bring communication to the highest innovative standard for Albanians.

Through the announced partnership between Calik Holding and Turkcell, ALBtelecom will introduce locally tailored digital services of Lifecell to Albanian telecommunications industry. Lifecell’s digital services aims to digitalize services of telecommunications companies to stay relevant to customers in the changing digital world. From instant-messaging to personal storage apps, operators working with Lifecell introduced digital services that meet customers’ needs, and succeeded in increasing the customer loyalty and ARPU.

This significant step for ALBtelecom was launched today, at an event with the distinguished presence of Mr. Ahmet Calik, Chairman of the Board of Calik Holding and Mr. Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of Turkcell.

Mr. Çalık, one of biggest foreign investors in Albania considered the collaboration with Turkcell as crucial for introducing innovation in Albanian market “We trust investing in technology and human capital is actually an investment in the future. We wholeheartedly believe the strategic cooperation between ALBtelecom and Turkcell will contribute to our company’s mission to pioneer the innovations in Albanian telecommunications market. With Lifecell services package, we now uphold our promise to provide services through the most innovative digital solutions that will improve quality of communications and life in Albania. It is our greatest desire to sustain a continuous increase in the services we offer to Albania in the upcoming period.

Kaan Terzioglu, Turkcell CEO, emphasized the digitalization of operators and the strategy behind digital services, 1440. “We have the most concise vision, DO: Digital Operator, and strategy: 1440. Our vision, digital operator, allows us to offer digital services that offer the best customer experience and our strategy enables us to be with our customers for 1440 minutes in a day. A traditional telecom operator spends only 32 minutes with its customers where our customers also listen to music for 48 minutes, read newspapers and magazines for 18 minutes, watches TV for 81 minutes. We are happy to announce that ALBtelecom will share the same success story in Albania,” Terzioglu said adding that the partnership with ALBtelecom will expand with new digital services and solutions.

Mr. Tahsin Yilmaz, CEO of ALBtelecom said during his speech that ALBtelecom goal is to bring technology and internet to every Albanian citizen. “Lifecell partnership becomes quite significant in the years ahead, into fulfilling our vision into making internet and innovative digital services accessible to all Albanians.

Minister of Energy and Infrastructure Mrs. Belinda Balluku expressed appreciation for new investments in Albania, business climate for foreign investments.

From now on, Albanian consumers will have the opportunity to experience two digital services of Lifecell: BiP, the communication and life platform, and Lifebox, personal storage and sharing application.

ALBtelecom customers will use BiP without consuming data packages for instant-messaging, voice and video calls. The communication and life platform, BiP, offers not only instant-messaging and VoIP services but also a digital experience to the user with features including video conference call, translate text messages, ability to use two cell lines from the same device, money transfer, calling all operators and landlines, allowing to use the application from web platforms.

Lifebox is a personal storage and sharing application using cloud technology that provides storage for media files and other digital documents. It helps customers access their files wherever they are without filling up their device memories. ALBtelecom subscribers can store up to 10 GB with Lifebox for free.

Since privatization process in 2007, ALBtelecom, has invested more than 320 million Euro for fixed and mobile infrastructure. ALBtelecom represents one of the biggest corporates in the country employing over 800 people all over Albania. Vision of ALBtelecom remains to offer Albanians best and most innovative services in telecommunication.

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