Çalik Holding Receives Global Business Excellence Award


Çalık Holding was named winner of the Outstanding HR Initiative category at the 2016 Global Business Excellence Awards.

Operating in the energy, construction, textile, finance, and telecom industries and providing employment for more than 21,000 people across 17 countries, Çalık Holding designated its business approach in its journey of transformation from an operational holding into a strategic holding as “3D”, which stands for the initials of Value, Solidarity and Transformation in Turkish. Within this scope, the employee brand “Smiling Faces of Çalık” was created as a result of long periods of employment within the Group as well as the results of the Employee Engagement Survey, which were well above the Turkey average.

Launched with the participation of the Group’s employees in Turkey as well as may other countries, “Smiling Faces of Çalık” was awarded in the HR Initiative category at the 2016 Global Business Excellence Awards. As a part of follow-up communication, the Group’s internal communication and Human Resources projects are continued under the title “Smiling Faces of Çalık”.

Commenting on the award, Çalık Holding Human Resources Director İzzetiye Keçeci said; “We are a big, diverse family that operates across very different geographies. To be sure, our congenial, familial environment in which we work with mutual respect and tolerance without compromising on our corporate values is what ties us to one another. Regardless of where we are, at the office or on site, we receive positive feedback from all our stakeholders regarding our employees’ communication, sincerity, smiling faces and way of doing business. New colleagues that join our family also rapidly adapt to our work environment and embrace our corporate culture because they are warmly and congenially welcomed. That’s why we believe that the ‘Smiling Faces of Çalık’ is an employee brand that describes us very well and each and every one of our employees is a representative of the ‘Smiling Faces of Çalık’ brand.”

Commenting on Çalık Holding, the winner in the Outstanding HR Initiative category, Global Business Excellence Awards panel of judges said: “Çalık Holding has achieved strong growth by thinking of itself as being one big family. Aware that staff secure the future performance of the company, it launched an imaginative multimedia HR branding campaign called the Smiling Faces of Çalık that included a fascinating film of staff at work and play in all the five countries it works in. The campaign was so successful that Çalık achieved the highest score for staff engagement in Turkey. Congratulations to Çalık for creating a winning employee brand and a motivated and happy workforce.”

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